MASAM destroys 1013 landmines, UXO, explosive devices in Bab el-Mandab

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September Net

KSrelief Demining Project in Yemen “MASAM” dismantled, destroyed and detonated as many as 1013 of landmines, unexploded explosive ordinance (UXO) and explosive devices laid down by Houthi rebels in the region of Bab el-Mandab, western coast of Yemen.

MASAM reported that 340 landmines, 646 UXOs and explosive devices were destroyed.

It is important to note that this is operation no (19) of the destruction bringing total number of the demolition carried out by MASAM up to 63.

MASAM has managed to demine some 170 thousand of landmines, UXO and explosive devices since it has commenced its mission.



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