Arab Coalition welcomes Govt, STC response to a call for cease-fire.

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The Saudi-led Arab Coalition in support of legality in Yemen has welcomed the response of the Yemeni government and Southern Transitional Council (STC) to establish a comprehensive cease-fire, halt escalation and convene a meeting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to move forward on the implementation of Riyadh Agreement and the political and military panels resume their actions to put the agreement into effect immediately.

The spokesperson of the Arab Coalition Colonel Turki al-Maliki said in a statement” The Coalition regrets for the recent events in a number of the southern governorates and calls on all parties to put the national interest of Yemen and the Yemeni peoples above all and stop bloodshed through adherence to Riyadh Agreement, bring the situations in Socotra back, establish cease-fire in Abyan and refrain from escalations all over the Yemeni governorates including media escalation”.

He added that” The Coalition is opposing any actions cause damage to security and stability and in violation of Riyadh Agreement throughout the government-held regions. And the Coalition is always stands with Yemen and the Yemeni people, continues to exert the efforts to unify the nation and bring all political constituencies together, supports the Yemeni people in their struggle for restoring the state, re-establishing security, stability and maintain the country’s territorial integrity”.

Al-Maliki stated that the Coalition is going to deploy monitors on the ground in Abyan to oversee the cease-fire, calling on all Yemen political and social constituencies to support the parties’ response to sit-down together in Riyadh.


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