Egypt welcomes responses to Arab Coalition announced ceasefire

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The Arab Republic of Egypt welcomed the responses by the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council separatist militia to the Arab Coalition’s announced ceasefire for holding a meeting in the Kingdom to move forward in implementing the Riyadh Agreement.

Egypt appreciated in a statement issued today the unremitting efforts of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in support of Yemen and its people, expressing its confidence that these efforts will create the conditions for the resumption of the political process between the Yemeni parties with a view to reaching a comprehensive political solution to the crisis, based on the relevant references, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative, its implementation mechanisms, the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue, and Security Council Resolution 2216.

The statement stressed Egypt’s support for all efforts aimed at achieving peace, security and stability in Yemen, ensuring its unity and territorial integrity, and lifting the suffering of the Yemeni people.


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