Houthi militia imposes thousands of teachers to join battlefronts

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September Net


Yemeni teachers’ union media officer Yahya Al-Yabai said the Houthi militia is seeking to push thousands of teachers and education workers to battlefronts against the legitimate government.

Recently, Yahya Al-Houthi, appointed by the coup authorities as Minister of Education, directed the directors of offices and educational institutions to mobilize staff to the front-lines of the fighting.

According to Al-Yinai, the union has received reports and complaints confirming that the Houthi militia is forcing school principals, department officials and teachers to participate in the forced recruitment campaign.

Raimah province was the first where the director of the education office in Rima Hamid Al-Toari summoned dozens of teachers in Raimah and went with them to the Al-Jawf fronts a few weeks ago. This ended with a massacre of dozens of teachers in Raimah province, where it was confirmed that most of them had been killed and injured, and others were lost.


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