Up to 20 thousand detainees held in Houthi militia’s jails, says NGO

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September Net

A local Yemeni alliance for documenting the violations against human rights known as ” Rasd” reported that there are 20 thousand detainees held in 790 detention centers in the Houthi rebel militia-controlled regions, 7 thousand conscripted child and 6 thousand victims of the militiamen laid-down landmines.

In a virtual seminar held on Saturday the activist Morad al-Gharati stated that the Houthi militia committed 15 types of violations including killing, arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearance, execution outside law, child recruitment, bombing houses, violations of minorities, looting humanitarian aids, torture against detainees and injured people, shelling hospitals, turning schools into military barracks, blackmail and imposing illegal tax upon humanitarian and relief stuffs.

The activist Dr. Araw al-Khatabi touched upon the racist-tax internal bylaw the Houthi militia has brazenly issued about the so-called “al-Khums” one-fifth tax (20% ) upon all the country’s resources to be collected in favor of the Bani-Hashim people, a segment of the population the militia claims to belong to.

The Chair of the Executive Unit for Managing the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps Najeeb Assad stated that there are 3 million and 600 thousands IDPs distributed to 521 locations, beside those who live in rented houses.


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