President Hadi praises US support for Yemen

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September Net

President of the Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi stated that Yemeni-American relations are robust in different spheres.

He stressed the importance of the strategy of cooperation and partnership between the two friendly countries to counter the Iranian interferences carried out by Houthi militia to destabilize the security of Yemen, the region and international marine navigation.

As he met the American Ambassador to the of the Republic of Yemen on Tuesday Christopher Henzel, the President cited the government’s efforts to put the Riyadh Agreement in place.

President Hadi reiterated his adherence to peace options to stop the bloodshed of the Yemenis, pointing out to the concessions the government has offered to make peace, blaming Houthi rebel militia for refusing to come to peace in order to serve Iran’s scheme in the region.

The President highly praised the US support for Yemen’s security, stability and unity.

For his part the American Ambassador affirmed his country’s supportive stances in support of Yemen and the Yemeni legitimate leadership.

He said” Your leadership gains the US support and we’ll always keep on supporting Yemen to get rid of different challenges”.

The Director of the Republic Presidency Office Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi was in attendance.


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