Yemen welcomes UN’s report on Iran’s implementation of Resolution 2231

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September Net

The Yemeni Government welcomed on Friday the UN Secretariat’s recent report on Iran’s implementation of the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2231(2015). The UN Security Council had met online on Tuesday about the UN Secretariat’s report on Iran’s implementation of Resolution 2231.

Yemen’s Foreign Ministry emphasized in a statement on the “necessity of stopping all the violations of the Iranian regime. The ministry hailed the blame of Iran for transferring ballistic missiles and other arms to Yemen’s Houthis – the rebels use them to kill Yemenis and attack Saudi Arabia.

The ministry warned that the continued Iranian armament of Houthis will undermine the efforts by the UN peace mediator and others to achieve peace in Yemen.

The ministry called on the UN Security Council to assume its responsibility in pressuring the Iranian regime to stop its practices of arming the Houthis, with a view to saving global peace and security.


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