Eryani condemns Houthi ballistic missile attack on IDPs

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September Net

Yemen’s Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani condemned on Wednesday a new Houthi ballistic missile attack that injured two young girls and damaged a number of houses in Marib a safe haven for hundreds of thousands of IDPs.

The attack with this “Iranian-made” on a neighborhood in Arrowdha, an area in the city, “reflects the Houthi militia’s underlying bitterness against the population of this city who were the first to stand to the Houthi coup and Iranian agenda,” said al-Eryani in a statement to Saba.

“The Houthi militia have failed to open a military breakthrough into the city of Marib despite pyric human sacrifices,” he continued, “and so wanted to vent out their disappointment by firing ballistic missiles on the city.”

The violent theocratic militia maintain endless ground advance attempts to overrun the government-held city and occasionally attack it with ballistic missiles.


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