Houthi ballistic missile injured three girls, adult woman

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September Net

The ballistic missile that Houthi militants fired on the government-held city of Marib on Wednesday evening injured three children and one woman, a statement from the Ministry of Human Rights revealed.

In a condemnation statement, the ministry said the missile which landed on Asharika neighborhood in downtown Marib injured among the three young girls 10-year-old Afrah Al-Ahmadi and five-year-old Zahraa Siraj.

The ministry said the attack comes as one in a spree of terror attacks by the radical militia against civilians.

“Firing ballistic missiles on civilians and into populated areas is a grave escalation and violation of the international resolutions and norms, … it amounts to a war crime,” it said.

The ministry called on the international community, the UN Special Envoy, the UN Security Council, the Arab Coalition states and all human rights groups to “document these crimes and intervene urgently to put an end to them.”


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