Rights organization monitored 339 Houthi violation against civilians in June

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September Net

Yemen’s Network for Rights and Freedoms has monitored 339 violations committed by Houthi militia against civilians during June 2020.

In a press release, the network made it clear that its field team monitored 42 killing cases, most of them from women and children; 12 women and 16 children were killed.

The militia also shelled populated neighborhoods intensively in a number of provinces; Baidha’, Hodeida, Taiz and Dhale’ by different heavy weapons and rockets.

According to the network, the rocket attack by Houthi militia killed 16 people and their snipers killed 7 others.

The network’s field team monitored 12 killing cases by direct fires and three execution cases by Houthi militia against civilians.

The field team’s report included also four killing cases by burning, a suicide case and two killing cases by Houthi mines.


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