Yemeni Army inflicts heavy losses among Houthi militia in Al-Bayda


September Net

The Yemeni Armed Forces in Al-Bayda Axis keeps advancing against Iran-backed Houthi militia that suffers rapid collapse and major losses among its ranks.

Dozens of the militia members were killed and injured and a number of its combat machines destroyed in battles and coalition strikes in the past days.

“For about month fighting continues unabated during which the Houthis inflicted painful blows,” said Abdurab Al-Asbahi, commander of Al-Bayda Axis.

The Brig.Gen. added, in a statement to “September 26”, that all militia attempts to make advance were doomed to failure and its elements were severely beaten.

He affirmed that the armed forces “will never stop until clearing every inch of the Yemeni soil from the militia, restore state institutions and establish security and stability.”

He praised the high spirit and morale of the army heroes, appreciating Arab coalition role in backing the army forces during the fight.


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