Chief of Staff inspects army and popular resistance in Al-Jawf


September Net

The chief of general staff, the commander of joint operations, Lt. Gen. Saghir Bin Aziz, inspected the Yemeni armed forces and popular resistance in Al-Jawf province on Sunday.

Lt. Gen. Ben Aziz was accompanied by the acting commander of the 6th Military Region, Maj. Gen. Amin Al-Waeli, and the Arab coalition forces commander in Marib , Maj. Gen. Yusof Al-Shahrani.

During the visit he was briefed on the latest developments on the ground and the conditions of the soldiers and their heroism on various fronts of the fighting against the Iran-backed Houthi militias, praising the level of combat readiness and the high morale of the soldiers.

“The task of the armed forces is to confront the Imami militias and extend the authority of the state,” the chief of staff said.

He honored the support of the Saudi-led coalition backing Yemeni legitimate government in the battle against Houthi rebel militia.


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