PERSGA makes appeal to SC to take decisive resolutions over Safir Tanker

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The Director of the Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden (PERSGA) Ziayd Abu Ghrarah has said the organization is very concerned about tackling Safir Oil Tanker in the Security Council’ session on Wednesday.

” I hope the international community understands the size of the international environmental catastrophe if more than a million barrel of oil leaks from Safir Tanker to the Red Sea,” said the Abu Ghararah.

He made an appeal to the Security Council to take decisive resolutions to avoid the catastrophe and to ensure arrival of the UN technical team to make maintenance work to the tanker and draining the oil exiting in it.

The leaking oil could cause extinction of types of marine lives exiting only in Red Sea in addition to other economic, social and environmental effects, he added.

He made it clear that the organization’s reports say there are 14.7 types of fish in the Red Sea, which make it one of top three regions in the world in terms of rampant fisheries.

He pointed out that the coral reefs in the Red Sea have become the sole hope for facing extinction of reefs across the world over possible environmental change.



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