A citizen injured by Houthi’s landmine explosion & militia’s snipers target child in Taiz

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September Net

A citizen was injured, when a landmine left by the Houthi militia exploded on Sunday west of Taiz, southwestern Yemen.

Local sources said that Sultan Al-Jabri, a citizen, was injured when a landmine exploded in his car planted by the Houthi militia in Al-Ashroh area, Jabal Habshi district.

The sources explained that the citizen was taken to the city for treatment.

On Saturday, a child was shot by a Houthi sniper who targeted him while playing with his friends near their homes in Salah district, east of the city.

The Houthi rebel militia, has been targeting housing areas in Taiz by shelling and sniper fire, leaving dozens of civilian casualties, mostly women and children.


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