UN constant submission to Houthis consolidates grounds for chaos, war: PM

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Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik said the constant submission by the UN and its special envoy for the illegal demands of the Houthi putschists consolidates the grounds for chaos and war.

In an interview with the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram said caving in to the militia has emboldened them to go too far in imposing their terms and dictates in such a way that blasts all peace mediation efforts and extends the war.

Abdulmalik said that any peace proposals by the UN envoy need to “comply with the nationally and internationally recognized terms of reference for peace, and to make an unequivocal distinction between the legitimate government and non-state factions such as the Houthi rebel group.” Otherwise, he said, “It won’t be accepted and will only further complicate the peace mediation efforts” and prolong the already protracted war.

Regarding the prospects of peace, Abdulmalik said the government’s pro-peace attitude is unchanging despite the Houthi conduct which proves the militia is never serious about peace.


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