Eryani urges firm int’l community to take firm stance on Houthis over oil tanker

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Yemen’s Information Minister has urged the international community to take a firm stance against the Houthi militia who keep gaming the hostage oil tanker dangerously decaying off the militia-held Hodeidah seaport.

Muammar al-Eryani said the theocratic militia have backed down from a hard-obtained agreement to allow UN maintenance access to the vessel laden with 1.4 million barrels of crude oil threatening to spill into the Red Sea.

Al-Eryani said the militia are “using Safer oil tanker as a bargaining chip and hindering all attempts to tackle the vessel and prevent a massive environmental disaster to Yemen and the countries of the region.

Al-Eryani said the Houthi dishonoring of the promise to allow maintenance experts “reflects a systematic characteristic of the militia seen during their six wars – with the former government 2004-2009 – through the invasion of Amran and Sana’a to the various rounds of peace talks, the Stockholm Agreement, the promise to exchange prisoners, and end the Taiz siege,..etc” which Houthis dishonored all.


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