Peace proposals: Govt committed to suffering alleviation measures

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September Net

Yemen’s government affirmed on Sunday it is committed to the measures meant for alleviating public suffering in any peace deal with the Houthi militia.

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadhrami told the UNSC’s five permanent members’ ambassadors to Yemen his government would “remain engaged in the efforts with the UN Special envoy and UN peace brokerage process based on the condition of the previously agreed points” and measures that “alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni public.”

In a meeting here today, al-Hadhrami said the government’s commitment to peace is still unchanged but any peace agreement should “ensure the payment of the salaries, open the blocked roads especially the roads around Taiz city, secure the release of all prisoners, and open Sana’a for international flights through the national carrier so as too alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni public.”

Al-Hadhrami said the government had agreed to the UN envoy’s proposal in May but now the latest peace draft is biased in Houthis’ favor and is therefore unaccepted.

He condemned the Houthi militia as they keep “making unfulfillable stipulations” and hijacking the humanitarian issues which the government seeks to resolve.


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