PM stresses significance of taking serious position against Houthis over Safir

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Prime Minister Ma’een Abdulmalik has stressed significance of taking serious position by the international community towards Houthi militia’s tricks regarding draining Safir Oil Tanker to avoid the greatest disaster in the world over oil leak or explosion of the tanker floating on the Red Sea.

He pointed out that the government always welcomes all solutions to drain the tanker to make Yemen, the region and the world away of any potential disaster but Houthi militia use the issue as a means for blackmailing and for other purposes despite warning by Security Council in its session held last week not to use the oil tanker a means for bargaining or blackmailing.

In his meeting with Russian Ambassador to Yemen Vladmir Dudishken on Sunday, prime minster urged the international community, the UN and Security Council to touch every possible mean to avoid the likely environmental catastrophe and not to waste time in fruitless discussions.

He confirmed that silence towards Houthi militia’s breach of its pledges to allow to the UN technical team to examine the tanker for draining it is not acceptable matter, expressing hope for a decisive role from Russian friends and the permanent members in the security council towards this issue.

The meeting tackled recent developments in Yemen, including UN envoy’s recent efforts and Houthi continuous military escalation and rejection of a political solution on the bases of the three references, as well as progress in implementing Riyadh Agreement.

Prime minister expressed appreciation to Russian permanent position for supporting the government of Yemen and for keenness on realizing peace and stability and ending Yemeni people’s suffering.

For his part, the Russian diplomat renewed his country’s position supporting the internationally -recognized government and keenness for making an end to Yemeni people suffering and implementing the three references for peaceful solution.

He confirmed his country’s keenness on imminent solutions to Safir Tanker’s issue for avoiding possible environmental disaster.


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