Al-Iryani: Houthi militia hindered government’s efforts for paying salaries

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September Net

Minister of Information Mua’mar al-Iryani has said that Houthi claims on international pressures for banning it paying half salary every six months to government’s employees are rude.

Talking to Saba on Monday, al-Iryani added that Houthi militia claims are sheep propaganda aiming for misleading public opinion and covering crimes of continuous looting of government employees’ salaries and incomes as well as thwarting efforts of the UN for paying the salaries regularly.

He pointed out that Houthi militia foiled government’s preparations under the UN patronage for paying salaries in accordance with employees’ salary lists of 2014 after the militia looted YR 40 billion from Hodeida Central Bank of Yemen gathered from revenues of oil derivatives in the port of Hodeida.

Al- Iryani confirmed keenness of the government on paying salaries regularly and stopping continuous looting, illegal tax cut and recently what is called the fifth portion Houthi claim as a right proposed by the Messenger of Allah.


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