Prime Minister stresses significance of UN humanitarian role

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September Net

Prime Minister Ma’een Abdulmalik has stressed significance of United Nations’ humanitarian role and responsibility on dealing with Yemeni humanitarian disaster caused by Houthi militia since its coup against the state, triggering the war and hindering and looting relief aid.

Receiving UN Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen Lise Grande on Thursday, Abdulmalik confirmed that silence of the international community and the UN towards Houthi practices of complicating humanitarian crisis in its held-areas is not acceptable, pointing out to government’s efforts for facilitating activities of UN organizations in Yemen.

The meeting discussed humanitarian situation in Yemen, eruption of coronavirus, Houthi militia’s falsified information regarding the spread of the pandemic and the militia hindrance of arrival of the UN technical team to examine Safir Oil Tanker and looting revenues of the Central Bank of Yemen in Hodeida.

The meeting touched upon the current gap of financing the humanitarian response plan, a matter which could lead to hindering humanitarian activities.

The meeting confirmed working on completion of donors’ pledges for financing vital humanitarian projects.

For her part, Grande talked about financing the humanitarian response plan in Yemen and working on covering it for ensuring continuing humanitarian role of the United Nations and alleviating severity of humanitarian crisis.


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