Yemeni Army liberates key position in Serwah


September Net

Yemeni Armed Forces have liberated a number of strategic positions from the Houthi militia in Sarwah front, west of Marib governorate.

 Backed by tribesmen, the army forces managed to secure several key areas, advancing and   reaching positions that overlook the main market of Serwah district.

“Army continues advancing and making incursion toward cutting off militia main supply routes to the front,” Brig. Gen. Ahmed Abo-Osabaa  Commander of Serwah front, told September Net.

Dozens of militia militants were killed and injured in the fighting, he added.

The commander pointed to major collapse among the Houthi militants after a number of its key leaders were killed.

Arab coalition, in the meantime, targeted the militia sites and destroyed its reinforcement in the same front.


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