Yemen’s agony enters 6th year as a result of terrorist Houthi militia’s power seizure

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President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi said Yemen’s agony has entered its sixth year as a result of the terrorist Houthi militia’s seizure of power and cities.

In an address to the nation on Thursday on the eve of Eidh al-Adheha festivity, Hadi said the Iranian militia are trying to turn Yemen into a “hotbed for Iranian-style extremist and terrorism” which threatens the security of the region and the broader world.

He said the theocratic militiamen are totally indifferent to the life of the people and security of Yemen, not acting even once in a manner that suggests they belong to it (Yemen).

Hadi said the Houthi idea of racial supremacy of their dynasty violates the basic tenets of Islam. Condemning the militia’s maximalist avoidance of peace to retain their unrivalled control in north Yemen, Hadi said the government is committed to go ahead in confronting the militia and ending their control in all territories.

“Despite all the circumstances we have gone through, we are still hoping to unify ranks” to repel the Houthi militia and force them into submitting to a fair and comprehensive peace based on the relevant references including the UN Security Council resolutions.”

Hadi called for securing the implementation of the November Riyadh Agreement between the government and the Southern Transitional Council to get the state institutions back to their business in Aden, Socotra archipelago and other territories purged from the Houthi militia.

“So as to spare the Yemeni people the misery of constant conflicts and create a conducive environment for development,” said Hadi


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