Info. Minister Banishment of Bahai’s a crime against humanity

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September Net

Yemen’s Information Minister said the Houthi militia’s forcing of six Baha’i faith members to leave their homeland, Yemen, is “a crime against humanity and a striking violation of the international resolutions and covenants.”

The theocratic militia on Thursday released the six members including the sect’s leader Hamid bin Haydarah from prison, where they had been detained because of their beliefs which the radical Shia Houthis regard as heretical.

“The crime of banishment is no less awful than the crime of kidnapping them from their homes, disappearing them for years and subjecting them to the most heinous forms of psychological and physical torture,” said al-Eryani in a statement to Saba.

Al-Eryani called on the international community to condemn this unprecedented crime and force the Houthi militia to stop their racism against religious minorities.


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