Army’s Chief of Staff pays tribute to Yemeni Tribes Positions in standing with Legitimacy  


September Net

Yemen’s Army Chief of Staff, Commander of Joint Operations, Lt. Gen. Saghir bin Aziz, paid a tribute to all Yemeni tribes that standing beside legitimate government and its armed forces in their battle against Iranian-backed Houthi rebel militia, among different battlefields over the country.

In a meeting with Yemeni tribe of “Dahm’ in Al-Jawf province, he confirmed that the army forces backed by popular resistance are determined to liberate all Yemen from Houthi militia, not one region or province, pointing to the militia’s  crimes that dominated everything in the country and looted public and private property.

Addressing the tribal crowd, you are the ones who have the courageous positions that history is witnessing, and you have been and continue to be the best support for the armed forces in liberating Al-Jawf and Yemen.

For his part, Governor of Al-Jawf province, Maj. Gen. Amin Al-Oakimi, confirmed that tribes getting more determined to achieve victory.

“We’ll raise the flag of the Republic of Yemen in all parts of the country, and we will not abandon one grain of Al-Jawf and Yemen soil, to any sabotage or corrupt militias”, he said.

Both valued the role of the brothers in the coalition in supporting legitimacy to complete the liberation of Yemen from Iranian Houthi militias.


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