Sana’a Human Rights Office condemns Houthi militia for death of two hostages

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September Net

The Sana’a branch office of the Human Rights Ministry has condemned Houthis over the death of two hostages the theocratic militia holds in the city’s jails.

In a statement on Friday, the office, headquartered in the government-held Marib, said Dares Murshid al-Hawshabi and Muadh Al-Asnaj have died after the militia deliberately denied them access to healthcare, “which violates the divine religions and the international humanitarian laws and covenants.”

The office said the militia “caused the hostages to die after disappearing them forcefully for quite a long time and subjecting them to the worst forms of torture and degrading treatment.”

The statement said the militia will bear responsibility for the destiny of the remaining prisoners in the dark jails of the terrorist militia.



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