Army makes fresh progress in Nihm


September Net

Yemeni Armed Forces have made new filed progress in Nihm district, east of Sana’a province, following a large-scale attack on Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia positions.

During the offensive, the army heroes liberated a number of strategically important sites, including the mountains range of  Al-Dakhil, Al-Alak, Al-Romah,in addition to the mountainous areas of Safara Shenan, Al-Agar and Al-Doush.

Meanwhile, army artillery and Coalition fighters targeted the positions and reinforcements of the rebel militia on the same front.

Tens of militia elements were killed and injured, and a number of their combat vehicles were destroyed in the fighting and shelling.

Just few days, army forces recaptured key positions in the vicinity of Najd al-Ataq, reaching the end of the strategic Bahra and Manama mountain range overlooking the supply lines of the rebel militia, which leads to the fronts of Sirrwah and Hailan.



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