Struggle is everyone’s responsibility

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September Net

For centuries, Yemen had been a beacon of science and civilization. Other emerging nations and civilizations had to take the example of ancient Yemenis as unique cultural experiences, to achieve glory, advancement, and to make great attainments.

The ancient Yemenis knew the arts of leadership and act, took the path of peace and harmony to the making of history, and established unique models in construction, development, science, arts, thought and politics.

Generation after generation, Yemenis have been fighting against the immamate rule whose rulers came from Persia.

immamate rule has demolished national identity, destroyed civilization and cultural heritage. It also plundered Yemen’s resources and used them for their own benefit with expedient behaviour.

However, today the heroes of the armed forces on all fronts are preparing to confront the Houthi rebel militia- the descendants of the Imams- in areas still under militia control.

Moreover, the armed forces are determined to restore the right of glory, history, peace, and to reject terrorism and violence.

Restoring Yemen is not only the responsibility of the armed forces, but the responsibility of all Yemenis.


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