VP hails heroic roles of armed forces


September Net

Vice President  Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh praised the heroic roles of the army forces in various warfronts during a phone call with governor of Al-Jawf governorate Gen. Ameen Al-Aukaim.

The vice president was briefed on the conditions of citizens being displaced by the Houthi rebel militia war and ongoing military operations.

The Vice-President expressed thanks and appreciation to the brothers in the coalition led by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their continued support for legitimacy to Houthi militia coup and Iran’s destructive project.

He advised double efforts and mobilizing powers and political and community cohesion, stressing appreciation of political leadership led by His Excellency President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi for efforts made and great sacrifices have been offered by the heroes.

The governor stressed  that the heroes of the army and the sons of the province will continue to fight the coup militia with strong determination and high morale.


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