Human Rights Ministry denounces terrorist crime of killing dentist in Baidha’a

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September Net

The Ministry of Human Rights has strongly condemned the terrorist crime of killing and crucifying Dentist Mazhar al-Yousofi by terrorist gang at health center in Assowma’a District, Baidha’a Province.

In a release issued Sunday, the ministry said the killing of the dentist, who provided his services in the area for years, is considered a violation to the International Humanitarian Law, to human rights laws, traditions, religion, Islamic Law and Yemeni law and Constitution.

” These malicious criminal acts by terrorist elements surfaced recently at Assowma’a District, utilizing Houthi rebel militia control of some provinces and the state of insecurity, boost existence of the militia and aim for serving Iran-backed Houthi agenda,” added the ministry in the release.

The ministry warned of new kidnaping cases by the terrorist gangs, calling the people of the area to face them and fight foreign terrorist thought.


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