CSOs surprised at UN ‘shameful silence’ for Houthi atrocities in Taiz

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Yemen’s civil society organizations voiced their surprise at the shameful silence, by the United Nations and other international human rights organizations, for Houthi atrocities in the central Yemen city of Taiz.

In a statement in the week of increased child casualties as a result of targeted shooting by Houthi snipers in the city, the Coordination Council of CSOs in Taiz said we “only condemn these multiplying Houthi crimes that snatch the lives of civilians amidst a shameful silence by the UN’s representative in Yemen and the other international organizations that get stunned and stupefied when a collateral casualty is incurred on the Houthi side.”

The CSOs especially deplored yesterday’s serious injury of a 9-year old girl by the name Ruweida Saleh saying the crime was “only the latest in an unending series of despicable Houthi sniper shooting crimes against everything that moves in Taiz.”

Ruwaida was shot in the head while she was walking in the street with a small plastic bottle in her hand, going to fetch water for her family.

The image of her injured while her brother, a child too, drags her to a safe side and leaving a blood trail behind them, went viral on local media. A medical source said the girl’s child “is critical.”


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