Chief of Staff: We are approaching victory over theocratic Houthi militia


September Net

Army’s Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Sagheer Bin Aziz confirmed that the Yemenis backed by Armed Forces getting more determined to end the dynasty projects of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia.

In a joined meeting Wednesday with Head of Army’s Moral Guidance Department Brig, Gen, Ahmed Al-Ashwal, the leadership and members of the department, he stressed that the army standing behind President Hadi to achieve security and stability.

“History will not forget the role played by all Yemeni tribes in defending the revolution, the republic and the national principles against the rebel and priestly coup militias”, he added.

Lt. Gen. Bin Aziz appreciated the great sacrifices achieved by Army and Popular Resistance in various battlefields of heroism.

He valued the efforts made by the brothers in the Arab Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy led by Saudi Arabia in the battle for one Arab destiny.


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