Yemeni army, international community.. an effective partnership in the fight against terrorism


September Net

Yemeni armed forces are working to confront terrorist organizations, whether intellectual or extremist such as the Houthi, al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS), and other terrorist organizations.

Yemeni armed forces believe that the fight against terrorism is a religious and national duty, and does not tolerate its combat role against these organizations.

Moreover, Yemeni army and security apparatus are hunting down terrorist elements everywhere in the provinces of the Republic of Yemen.

Thought to be dangerous, the terrorist organizations threaten peace, state-building and the protection of national, regional and international interests.

It also considered that, the war against Houthi militias to be a war on terror.

During its coup against Yemeni legitimate government, the Houthi rebel militias threatened international navigation, security and peace.

Houthi rebels are also recruiting children, forced abductions, extrajudicial executions, and systematic and direct targeting of the civilian population.


Houthi militia, al-Qaeda and ISIS fighting shuolder to shoulder, reports


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