Al-Qaeda has handed over positions to Houthi militia in Al-Bayda

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September Net

Local sources in Al-Bayda province said al-Qaeda terrorist group has handed over controlled positions to the Houthi militia without any clashes between the two terrorist groups.

The same sources confirmed that the Houthi militia’s claims a few days ago lied by killing what they called terrorist elements affiliated with al-Qaeda and ISIS in Ould Rabie in Al-Bayda province.

The allegations are an attempt to deny the relationship and coordination between al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Houthi militia in the province, the sources added.

“There were no battles in Ould Rabie’s district between Houthi militia and al-Qaeda,” said Mujahid al-Salali, a journalist from Al-Bayda province, stressing that what happened was a pre-arranged coordination between the two sides, mediated by an al-Qaeda leader in Al-Bayda, majid al-Dhahab, who ordered al-Qaeda elements to withdraw and hand over all positions to the Houthi militia.


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