Houthis, Al-Qaeda… Two wings for one project

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September Net

Yemeni people followed the execution of Doctor Mazhar Al-Youssefi by Al-Qaeda which is a heinous crime inconsistent with values ​​and beliefs, as well as they follow similar crimes committed by Houthi militia, including the execution of Abdul Hafiz Al-Tahiri, war prisoner.

Two similar terrorist crimes by two extremist groups, apparently showing hostility of each other, but what binds them is the strong relationship, and they are in agreement in terms of work and purpose, as confirmed by a report in (26 September) newspaper.

Many see that talking about the disagreement between the Houthi militia and al-Qaeda is like talking about the difference between two brotherly children over a piece of sweet. The relation between these terrorist groups is strong as they are two wings that work within the framework of one project that run from the same Joint operation room.

The relationship of the Houthi militia, Al-Qaeda terrorist organization and ISIS is no longer hidden, despite the hostile speech that these organizations launch against each other, with the aim of gaining supporters and justifying their operations.

Everyone knows that terrorist elements ISIS and Al Qaeda have not carried out even one operation against the Houthi militia since the coup against legitimacy, as well as vice versa, and also terrorist operations have been concentrated in legitimate areas and have targeted supportive civilian, military officials, and military and security units fighting the Houthi militia.

In addition, the Houthis tried to mislead the international community when they invaded with the terrorist elements the Yemeni cities, most notably Taiz, the southern cities, Marib, Al-Bayda, Al-Jawf and Shabwa under the pretext of fighting terrorism, in an open media mislead, according to observers.

The legitimate government is aware of the Houthi militia’s relation with terrorist organizations, ISIS and al-Qaeda, and also realizes the relationship of these organizations with Iran, the official financier and sponsor for them.

A government report revealed that the Houthi coup militia was behind the implementation of many terrorist operations in the temporary capital, Aden, and some liberated governorates under the name of ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists to destabilize security and stability and to show that the legitimate government is unable to perform their duties.

The deputy Minister of Interior, Muhammad al-Sharif, said that the ministry had detected “irrefutable evidence” of coordination actions taking place on the ground to confront the army, between the leaders of terrorist groups in Yemen “Al-Qaeda and ISIS” on the one hand, and the Houthis on the other hand, to stop the advance of the army and to destabilize security in Yemen.

Earlier, international experts revealed, in a report submitted to the Security Council, that the Iran-backed Houthi militia had coordinated with Al Qaeda and ISIS organizations in Yemen, and that they had a tactical harmony in some Yemeni areas where the interests of these parties converged.

The report pointed to arms and equipment smuggling networks across the Red Sea in support of Al-Qaeda, and to make way for financial flows of ISIS members in Yemen coming to smuggling through the Red Sea to Hodeidah and the coasts remaining under the control of the Houthi militia.

In the twenty-third report submitted to the Security Council by the International Analytical Support Group on the (ISIS) organization, international experts confirmed that they have received confirmed information that the Houthis are coordinating with them, and they share interests and experiences.


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