Moral Crimes : A Terrorist Houthi Act against Yemenis  

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September Net

Like other terrorist organizations, Al-Qaeda and Daesh, Houthi militia is committing forcible sexual assaults, abuse and rape in order to control society serve its agendas and spread immorality.

By practicing such crimes which are alien to the Yemeni society, the Houthi militia aims to dehumanize Yemenis and defame their reputation, documents obtained by 26 September revealed.

Following footsteps of terrorist groups, the Houthi militia forcible kidnap and rape women and children in Yemen.

Human rights activists told 26 September they were informed on several such cases in which Houthis forcibly film victims and threaten to post m it on media.

They said that senior militia leaders are supervising the act of dishonoring families, accusing their sons and daughters if committing immorality and adultery.

The militia also tortures victims, and make them admit doing obscenity under force to destroy social position and honor if families.

In addition, the militia is threatening families to publish shots showing their victims in a shameful way if they don’t send their sons to fight alongside them.

8 children from different families( names preserved) were accused by the Houthi militia of committing homosexuality and adultery, indicating how these militia don’t give any regard to the people’s dignity.

20 young boys have been also imprisoned by the Houthis under same fake charges and their families denied the militia falsifications.

Also 40 children were accused by the militia of being gay and they detained them until their families paid ransom for their release.


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