Terrorism… militia’s worthless option

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September Net

After its continued defeats, the Houthi militia resorted to running its terrorist act in coordination with ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Although the Houthi militia has been given many opportunities for peace, it has stuck to the option of terrorism, which is incompatible with the values of peace and coexistence.

The Houthi militia mobilized the fighters using propaganda, disinformation and sectarian recruitment mechanisms, but over time they became ineffective.

The Houthi militia has thus begun a new phase of coordination with terrorist groups domestically and internationally, at a time when the world is aware of the danger of this militia to Yemen and the region.

The international community should therefore quickly take punitive measures against Houthi militia, which threatens international peace and security.

Moreover, the international community has become a supporter of the military option against the Houthi militia, the extremist and terrorist group.

Yemeni armed forces are ongoing to achieve succeeding wins against the Houthi militia, and do not stop until the army arrives in the capital Sana’a.

Yemenis are seeking to restore their legitimacy, end the coup, achieve peace, and establish the preferred union Yemen in the north and south.


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