Scenario of Houthi militia agreement with Al-Qaeda and ISIS in al-Bayda

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As a result of the recent alliances with al-Qaeda and ISIS elements, the Iran-backed Houthi militia pushed hundreds of its elements to the outskirts of the Marib governorate in an attempt to achieve gains on the ground, but the reality of the violent battles there proved the failure of their attempts.

The Houthi coup militia and the terrorist elements have received devastating blows on the fronts of Al-Bayda governorate. This was revealed by the heavy losses the Houthi rebels are receiving there on a daily basis by the heroes of the armed forces and the popular resistance, as well as their daily funerals for hundreds of their elements including high ranked leaders.

Field sources confirm that dozens of prisoners of the Houthi forces have fallen into the hands of the armed forces. Those prisoners confirmed that hundreds of terrorists in the Al-Qaeda and ISIS are fighting alongside them, and some of them are captured.

The Yemeni political activist Baraa Shaiban revealed in a series of tweets about the recent cooperation that took place between the Houthi militias and the terrorist organizations ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the Qayfat Radaa area in Al-Bayda governorate.

Shaiban affirms that the Houthi militia’s alliances with terrorist elements come with the aim of encircling Marib governorate and the sites belonging to the army forces.

He indicates – according to information obtained from several confirmed sources – that the goal of coordination between the two sides in Qayfat Rada, mountainous area connecting between Al-Bayda, Rada’a, and Ma’rib governorates, is to open the Qayfah road and bring down the fronts of the armed forces and tribal resistance.

Shaiban explains that these fronts enhance the operations of the legitimate forces in Marib, and the importance of these areas for the Houthi rebels is to make them a supply route between their areas and Marib Governorate.

He stressed that it was agreed between the three terrorist organizations to escalate operations on Qayfah fronts in order to control the supply routes and separate the fronts, which would lead to the fall of many areas in the districts of Quraishah, and Walad Rabea in the hands of the Houthis, which was literally done, but military sources confirm that the fall of Qayfah in the hands of the militia after its alliance with the terrorist elements does not mean the fall of Marib or parts of it.

Shaiban added that “the militia’s control over these areas aims to drain the tribes loyal to the legitimacy, in exchange for large sums of money paid by the Houthis to leaders of Al Qaeda and ISIS, most of them from outside the governorate”.

This indicates – according to the sources – that the Houthi militia reached the stage of defeat and the last fall in the battle, after great losses in both elements and combat equipments.


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