Arab Parliament speaker condemns Houthi attack on Saudi airport of Abha

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September Net

The Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Dr. Mishaal Al-Salami condemned the Houthi militia’s launching of an explosive-bombed drone to target travelers at Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia.

The done was intercepted by the Arab Coalition forces yesterday evening and shrapnel from the destroyed drone caused civilian damages and injuries among the travelers and workers in the airport.

Al-Salami affirmed that the coup militia’s targeting of the airport which thousands of civilian travelers from different nationalities use daily is “a cowardly terrorist act.”

He stressed that the Houthi coup militia is working, through its repeated terrorist attacks against civilians and civilian objects, to implement the aggressive and devastating Iranian agenda that aims to destabilize security and stability in the Arab world.

He called on the international community to move urgently to stop the terrorist acts and to hold the Iranian regime accountable.


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