Houthi massacres won’t affect army’s resolve, says Marib governor

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September Net

The governor of Marib Sultan al-Eradah said the “Houthi massacres and targeted attacks on civilians won’t affect the resolve of the army and its tribal supporters to confront the criminal theocratic militia of Houthis.

Speaking to Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik who phone called to check on the situations in the aftermath of a Houthi ballistic missile attack that killed scores of people in a mosque in the city on Friday, al-Eradah said all the Houthi attempts massacres won’t force the army to quit resisting and won’t affect the province’s security and stability.

Talks focused on the militia’s terrorist style in attacks including the destruction of the only drinking water well in the district of Madghal in the province. The well serves the district’s population including hundreds of IDPs in shelter camps.


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