Army, Yemenis are engaged in fateful battle until end Houthi militia coup, Defense Minister says


September Net

Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed al-Meqdashi confirmed that the armed forces and all Yemenis are engaged in a fateful battle until the end of the coup of the Iran-backed Houthi militia, pointing to the high readiness and morale of the army on all fronts.

This came during a meeting of the caretaker government, on Monday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Ma’eenn Abdulmalik, to discuss the last military and political developments.

At the meeting, Defense Minister presented a report on the last military developments, noting the role of the army, the popular resistance and tribesmen during the recent battles with the Houthi militia, especially in Al-Jawf, Al-Bayda, and Serwah.

Al-Meqdashi pointed to the coordination and harmony between Houthi militias and terrorist organizations, which were clearly revealed in Al-Bayda.

The govt valued the army’s great sacrifices and tribesmen supported by Arab Coalition, during the clashes with the Houthi militia, in various fronts, especially in Al-Bayda, Al-Jawf,and Marib.


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