Brutal execution: Houthi terrorism against civilians in Yemen

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September Net

The Houthi rebel militia does not abide by covenants, perhaps the citizen Mohammad Abdullah Mohsen Salba was aware of that, but he ventured and returned to his area in Hajjah governorate, which is under the control of Houthi rebels who immediately sentence him to death, and works to cut up and mutilate his body like other terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

The Houthi militia took advantage of social relations and tribal norms, and through a mediation that was successful, according to which it allowed Mohammad Salba, 40 years, to return to his area from the Marib governorate. He trusted the militia’s members, from the region to which he belongs, but his trust did not help him to survive.

On Aug. 27th, the Houthi militia surprised teacher Muhammad Salba to kidnapped him to one of its detention centers in the city of Hajjah, and practiced against him the most brutal types of torture. After only four days of torture, according to sources close to his family, Mohammed was died due to the cruelty of that torture and revenge.

Mohammad Salba suffered brutal torture during four days in the Houthi rebels’ run-prisons where they used their iron machines, and their human wolves, to cut his body and veins, and then left him to bleed to death.

The Houthi militia, according to the sources, contacted the family of Salba, informing them to come and take the body of their son, Salba, but his father, who attended and saw the scale of the crime on his son’s body, refused to receive it, until the perpetrators were handed over.

Lawyer Hadi Wardan says that the Houthi crime against teacher Salba is added to 14 previous executions that committed by the militia against residents of Hajjah.

The Abductees Mothers Association said these crimes is an extension to more than 200 deaths of abductees under torture In the prisons of the rebel militia.

Wardan, a monitor member of the National Committee for Investigating Allegations of Human Rights Violations, said that the four days of kidnapping and torture show the Houthis ugliness and reveal their dirty project.

The member of the National Committee to Investigate Allegations of Human Rights Violations calls on all activists and those interested in human rights issues in Hajjah governorate, as well as all human rights and humanitarian organizations in Yemen, United Nations and the international community to play their role in condemning this crime, which he describes as “heinous and treacherous”.

The execution committed by the rebel Houthi militia against Mr. Mohammad Salba was only an extension of a similar crime in Dhamar governorate where the Houthi rebels kidnapped and tortured to death a soldier in the National Army Ahmed Al-Sahaqi during a visit to his family.

Sources said to September Net that the soldier in the 203rd Brigade Al-Sahaqi returned to his hometown in Anas district in the middle of last august after assurances he received from Houthi leaders in his area that he will not exposed to anything, but one day after his arrival, the militia kidnapped him to one of its prisons

The Houthi militia kidnapped the soldier Al-Sahaqi and began an investigation with him, accompanied by brutal physical torture lasted nearly for eight days, during which he was able to endure the militia’s torture, but then he died under brutal torture.

The deputy Minister of Human Rights Lawyer Nabil Abdel Hafeez says in a statement to September Net that the Houthi coup militia can never fulfill a pledge or promise.

The deputy Minister indicated that the Houthi militia, through its abuse and harassment of citizens in its areas of control, is a result of its intention to instigate a culture of terror, oppression, and terror on society.


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