VP blames Houthis for blocking International peace efforts

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Vice President of the Republic (Lt Gen) Ali Mohsen Saleh held a meeting Thursday with the Charged’ Affairs of the Netherlands embassy in the Republic of Yemen and the Deputy Ambassador of the Sweden Kingdom.

The ongoing efforts aiming to make permanent peace that can help the Yemeni people to reinstate the official government and eliminate Iran-allied Houthi coup was key focus of the discussions.

The Vice President highly praised the significant contribution of the Netherlands and Sweden to the peace efforts in Yemen.

Mohsen talked about the significant concessions the legitimate government has offered in order to re-establish sustainable peace that is based on the three terms of reference including the GCC, its executive mechanism, outcomes of the National Dialogue and the UNSCR 2216.

The Vice President pointed out to the Houthi continuous escalation in different regions including launching ballistic missiles and drones against the Yemeni and Saudi cities, refusing all initiatives aim to resolve the problem of Safer oil tanker.

Mohsen blamed Houthi militia for undermining the international efforts to push the peace process.

The Dutch and Swedish diplomats reaffirmed their countries’ support for the humanitarian and relief actions and the underway efforts to make peace and re-establish security and stability in Yemen.


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