Army spokesman: Army attains strategic wins, controls dominant positions in various fronts


September Net

Yemen’s armed forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdo Mugali confirmed that on Friday, the army attained strategic wins in the fronts of al-Jawf, Marib and Al-Bayda provinces.

Brig. Gen. Mugali explained in a statement to September Net that the army and the popular resistance controlled a number of mountains and dominant positions, which were under the control of the Houthi militia, in al-Jawf province, the most important of which is the strategic Mount “Hawizan”, and the hills surrounding the city of Al-Hazm.

Brig. Gen. Mugali said the liberation of Jabal “Hawizan” will assist the army to cut off the next reinforcements of the Houthi militia and reach fiery control over the enemy.

Coalition fighters supporting Yemen’s legitimate government played a crucial role in the battle, he said, adding that dozens of militiamen were killed, wounded and captured, and several combat vehicles were destroyed.

According to Mugali army and the popular resistance, made well-planned advances east of Sana’a, pointing out that the army continues to exhaust the militia in those fronts.


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