Marching to victory

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September Net

With Yemenis’ determination and will, the capital Sana’a is close to the great liberation battle against the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

Not only is Iran backing the Houthi militia, but al-Qaeda and ISIS are backing Houthi militia, both of the terrorist groups threaten international peace and security.

After eliminating these allied militias and terrorist organizations, Yemen will be on a date with victory, a prosperous future, and the building of a modern civil state.

The Houthi militia has no choice but to spread rumors and take escape in the war of media propaganda and misinformation, after receiving unexpected defeats from the armed forces.

Thus, it has led the Houthi militia to intensify the war on innocent civilians, increase indiscriminate shelling of residential areas, in clear violation of international laws and norms.

Yemen’s armed forces are moving forward in the battle to complete the liberation of the land in Al-Jawf, Marib, Al-Bayda, Al-Dhale and east of Sana’a, supported by tribesmen and coalition fighters backing Yemeni’s legitimate government.

There is no other option than the military option, which will set free Yemen of Iran’s agents and ensure the return of the capital Sana’a to the Arab framework.

In Sana’a, where the Houthi militia is controlled, conflicts of the wings within the Houthi group are escalating daily, amid wide public anger over deteriorating service and living conditions.

Moreover, all Yemenis are eagerly awaiting the decisive battle against the Houthi militia, willing to participate and support the armed forces.

With the support of the Yemeni’s tribes surrounding Sana’a, everyone will be on a meeting there in the capital Sana’a.


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