Blasting houses : Another form of Houthi terrorism in Yemen.

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September Net

Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen is carrying out different forms of terrorism like blowing up houses of its opponents.

Experiencing tough military pressure on the fighting fronts Houthi militia resort to detonating civilian homes as they inflict heavy human and material losses during the cashes with Yemeni army forces.

Three civilian homes were destroyed to rubble by the militia three days ago in the central province of Al-Bayda.

The militia justified their terrorist act that the home owner works in Saudi Arabia. They kicked out the families to the street, didn’t allow them to take anything before they blew it up.

As usual the militia was chanting “Death to America, death Israel…. although the demolished home owned by a Yemeni citizen.

In another similar incident, dozens of militias elements abroad several vehicles broke into houses of two brothers in village in the Qurashia. Then they blasted the two homes to ground.

Houthi militia blasted also several houses in Sirwah including a home of senior tribal leader.

Human rights activists said Houthi continued aggression and violations against civilians contradict national and international human rights laws.

These are “war crimes and abusers must never go unpunished”, they said.

They explained to September Net that criminal acts by Houthi militia against civilians aim to spark fear, terror and panic among Yemenis in areas of their control.


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