Military Court in Marib issues death sentences against Houthi militia cell, refers 180 accused to the Military Prosecution


September Net

A military court in Marib province has issued a death sentence against a terrorist cell belongs to the Houthi militia engaged in several crimes, including murdering and planting of explosive devices targeting army’s officers, vehicles and equipments.

Headed by the Chief of the Military Court in 3rd Military Zone, Judge Akeel Taj Aldeen, in the presence of the Military Prosecutor, accusing the defendant Taher Ali Dawood al-Rheabi and others involved in crimes of training gangs and armed cells for murdering, bombing and torturing.

The final death sentence was handed down to five defendants and the sixth was acquitted.

The military prosecution ordered also, to investigate with 180 suspects belong to the Houthi militia, including militia’s leader Abdul Malik Al-Houthi and military, political and judicial leaders, on charges topped by forming terrorist cells, spying with Iran and committing assassination crimes.



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