Houthi militia loses 15 Military vehicles last week


September Net

Yemen’s Armed Forces and Popular Resistance continue making great victories against Houthi militia in Nihm Front, eastern Capital Sana’a.

In a statement to “September Net” the Head of the Moral Guidance Division of the 7th Military Region, Col. Faisal Nasser, revealing that Houthi militia have been lost 15 military vehicles during the battles of the past seven days in Nihm Front.

The army also, had recaptured different military equipment, and destroyed others included heavy weapons.

“Army managed to liberate key military sites in Najd al-Ataq area, amid dozens of deaths and injuries among militia’s ranks”, he added.

Colonel Faisal Nasser addressed strong message to citizens living in areas controlled by the militia to protect their children and young people, not allow those who are leading them to death, indicating that the militia leaves the dead bodies in the mountains and valleys.




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