Non-stop Houthi crimes in Al-Jawf & Al-Bayda,

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September Net

Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militia have been committing serious crimes against humanity in several Yemeni governorates, mainly in Al-Bayda and Al-Jawf.

In Al-Jouf province, northern the country, the militia has carried out various kinds of brutal violations targeting civilians and everything alive in the city.

Just two days ago, a displacement site full of women and children displaced from their homes, were targeted with an explosive drone launched by the Houthi terrorist militia.

The IDPs in the Al Qashal camp said they were awaken by huge explosion that rendered women and children in great terror and panic.

The blast was ”bomb-laden drone fired by the Houthis”, they told September Net.

The attack on the IDPs in the camp wasn’t the first of its kind .”Houthis always target us with Katyusha rockets, mortar shells and booby-trapped drones, “they added.

The terrorist militias are forcing people to flee from homes and follow them to their displacement site with rockets and shells that have killed and injured dozens of displaced person most of are women and children and damaged their poor shelters.

The latest crimes and violations committed by the Houthi rebel militia in the city of Al-Hazm, the provincial capital,  has reached, according to a Yemeni female lawyer ”The highest levels”.

Ishraq Almaktari, a member of National Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of Human Rights violations in Yemen, tweeted “Insulting people, owning their money and intimidating them has reached the highest degrees in the province of Al-Jawf.

Houthi atrocities against civilian is limited to one area or governorate. In fact these terrorist militia are practicing same crimes and abuses whenever they get.

In the west of Marib, Sirwah, and some districts of Al-Bayda, Houthis conducted various types of aggression and oppression on civilians to make them scared and being silent, according to several Yemeni lawyers.

The militia responds to the painful blows inflicted upon its elements on the ground by the Yemeni army forced with heavy and indiscriminate bombardment on the populated areas and civilian houses.

The terrorist militia blew up three houses of citizens refused to join the militants it in the village of Al-Zoab, in al-Qurashia district, of al-Bayda governorate,

The militia also have laid tough siege around the villagers inside, blocking them from access to water and food including to women and children, besides keeps shelling continuously, leaving  dozens of dead and injured civilians.


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