Army retakes strategic positions, hunts militia eastern Al-Jawf desert


September Net

Yemen’s armed forces, backed by popular resistance, on Wednesday liberated key positions eastern Al-Jawf province after violent clashes in which Houthi militia suffered heavy human and material losses.

Deputy commander of the 6th Military Region, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Bin Rasiya, confirmed that army, supported by the popular resistance, arrived in the Shahla area after liberating the strategically important al-Nadhoud area.

Brig. Gen. Bin Rasiya said that the army and tribesmen launched a large-scale attack earlier on Wednesday in the desert of Al-Nadhoud in Al-Jawf province, killing, wounding and capturing dozens of militants, still a number of others are under siege and army fire.

The commander of the 101st Brigade said the army succeeded to retake armored vehicles and equipment, including combat crews, medium and light bullets, and other equipment used to build roads, as well as burning several other vehicles.



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