Yemen: Iran with its military agents seriously threaten Arab national security

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The Republic of Yemen has made it clear that Iran and its military arms pose a serious threat to Arab national security as Iran proved to be a rogue state disrespects the International Law, doesn’t honor its obligation as a member state of the United Nations.

Addressing the 154 session of Arab League Council held virtually Wednesday at Foreign Ministers level, Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami said” Iran had caused Yemen and the region great damage since the Iranian regime devoted the Iranian peoples’ resources to fund militias outside its territories in flagrant interventions in the Arab countries internal affairs including Houthi militia which raises the Iranian revolution slogan and embraces its oppressive policy”.

Al-Hadrami cited the challenges Yemen has been experiencing as a result of the Iran-backed Houthi militia’s coup and rejection to all international peace initiatives and efforts aimed to reach a sustainable peace in Yemen that is based on the GCC’s Initiative, its executive mechanism, outcomes of National Dialogue and the UNSR 2216.

Al-Hadrami touched upon Stockholm Agreement which signed one year and half ago in order to reach a political solution to the Yemeni crisis and put an end to the Yemeni people suffering. He blamed Houthi militia for the failure of the agreement.

” We have come to realize today that Stockholm Agreement has proved useless, produced nothing due to Houthi militia’s intransigence. It is turned into a new phase of escalation, further exacerbating the Yemeni peoples suffering”, said al-Hadrmai.

The Foreign Minister expressed Yemen’s thanks to the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in support of legality in Yemen for their support to the Yemeni people and their efforts to counter Houthi militia’s coup and re-establish security and peace in Yemen.

Concerning to the Palestinian cause, al-Hadrami reiterated the Republic of Yemen’s principled stance in support of the Palestinian peoples’ struggle for their legitimate rights including establishing their own independent statehood with al-Quds as its capital.



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